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Selling Your Online Degree

1. Tout the quality of the Online Degree courses.

The same standards that are applied to quality traditional campus based degree courses also apply to quality online degree courses. Both instructional and higher education design standards place quite a bit of value on the certification of the program in question, the qualifications the instructor and the quality of the student body. It is important that educators and employers evaluate the merits a degree based the quality of the school or program rather than the method the degree was earned.

You should also consider presenting an admissions officer or employer the program curriculum and academic design standards from the school where you received your online degree. In fact, all accredited online schools must have them.

2. Focus on the content of the degree, not the fact that the degree was online.

It is an accepted truth throughout the academic and professional world that an education institution's approval of curricula is based on the quality of course content provided to it students, not the method of delivering the content. Program objectives, what is taught, and course outcomes always remain the same for a quality degree, irrespective of how the course is administered.

3. Focus on the class interaction that took place.

One of the greatest drawbacks to selling the value of distance learning is the perceived lack of real-time interaction and instant direct feedback that needs to take place between teachers and students in order for proper learning to transpire. Be prepared to talk about how your online degree encouraged and facilitate interaction and a superior learning environment.

  • Some of the technologies that have given online learners greater access to resources, classmates and to instructors include Internet, cell phones, wireless devices, e-mail, intranets and extra nets. Be well prepare to explain how your online program integrated these technologies to maximize you interaction with other students and instructors?
  • Explain how online degree holders very often receive a much broader perspective than students with a traditional degree because they interact with students from many different geographies and cultures.
  • Emphasize that the quality of online class discussions are often much higher quality than in traditional class room setting since students are forced to take time to prepare their statements and question knowing that they will be accessed, review and evaluated by everyone in the class including the instructor.
4. Is your online degree program from national accredited higher education institution?

If your degree was earning at nationally rated or accredited institution, then point out that fact.

5. Portfolios.

Make sure to prepare a portfolio that effectively communications your accomplishments as they relate to earning your online degree. An effectively designed portfolio can very quickly become the most persuasive element of your presentation. Include in your portfolio your highest quality essays, research projects, extracurricular activities, performance reviews, videotapes or anything else that will convince possible employers and admission officers about your initiative and success as an online student.

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