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The Best Ways to Sell Your Online Degree

In a recent survey of almost one hundred employers and a thousand graduates performed by the Distance Education Training Council asked supervisors to rate the value of the online degree earned by their employees relative to the value a degree of other employees that was earned by attending a local campus programs. Nearly 70% of the supervisors survey indicated that the online degree is "just as valuable" if not "more valuable" than traditional campus earned degrees. This means that 1/3 of supervisors need to be convinced that your online degree adequately qualifies you for a career position.

1. Work Experience

Focus on the relevant work experience that degree offered.

2. A Variety of Coursework.

You may want to consider supplementing your online degree with extracurricular coursework that demonstrates your communication and people skills. This coursework may include debate, public speaking, group dynamics, leadership or team building.

3. Offline Comparison

We advise that you validate the online institution where you earned your degree by comparing it to its offline counterpart. You might compare program curriculum, course syllabi, GPA averages, faculty, alumni placements, standards of admission, etc.

4. Strengths of your Online Program

Make sure to provide detailed information on your academic program. Compare and contrast the benefits of your curriculum, grading criteria and coursework relative to a traditional program.

5. Personal Credentials

Make sure to prepare and bring a portfolio that includes teacher recommendations, academic transcripts, sample work, rewards and tests.

6. Student Profiles

Describe and talk about your classmates. Distance learning and online degree programs usually attract older, more serious, working adults and students who have valuable work related experience. Students of online degree programs are usually disciplined motivated and can work independently. Employers are always searching these types of individuals.

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