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Online associates degree programs designed to prepare students for higher education opportunities and entry-level career positions in technology, business, criminal justice, healthcare and more.
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The Online Bachelors Degree

Also known as 4 year degrees, bachelor degrees are awarded by 4 year colleges and universities. The bachelor's degree is composed of 120-128 credits, of which 60 credits can be transferred from community colleges to count towards your degree. This degree consists of general education and elective courses, along with your particular area of study (a "major").

Kennedy Western University Kennedy-Western University

   B.S. in Business Administration   B.S. in Finance
   B.S. in E-Commerce/E-Business   B.S. in Management/Leadership
   B.S. in Health Administration   B.S. in Computer Science
   B.S. in Electrical Engineering   B.S. in Quality Control
   B.S. in Mechanical Engineering   B.S. in Information Systems Mgmt.
   B.S. in Technology Management   B.S. in Software Engineering
   B.S. in Environmental Engineering
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University of Phoenix Online University of Phoenix Online

   RN to B.S. in Nursing   B.S. in Business/Accounting
   B.S. in Business/Administration   B.S. in Business/e-business
   B.S. in Business/Management   B.S. in Business/Marketing
   B.S. in Criminal Justice   B.S. in Human Services/Management
   B.S. in Information Technology   B.S. in Management
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Kaplan College Online Kaplan College

   B.S. in Management   B.S in Business
   B.S. in Criminal Justice   B.S. in Information Technology
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Ellis College Ellis College

   B.S. in Computer Science   B.S. in Business Administration
   B.S. in Finance   B.S. in General Management
   B.S. in Human Resource Management   B.S. in International Business
   B.S. in Marketing   B.S in Information Systems Mgmt
   B.S. in Small Business & Entr.   B.S. in Managerial Accounting
   B.S. in Professional Accounting   B.S. in Behavioral Science
   B.S. in English   B.S. in Hospitality Management
   B.S. in Humanities   B.S. in Math/Physics
   Technical Writing   Telecommunications Management
   B.S. in Psychology   B.S. in Sociology
   B.S. in Criminal Justice
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ACCIS Online ACCIS Online

   B.S. in Computer Science   B.S. in Information Systems
   B.S. Information Systems Mgmt.   B.S. in Business Administration
Find out more about ACCIS Online
AIU Online AIU Online

   B.S. in Visual Communications   B.S. in Criminal Justice
   Bachelors (BBA) - Healthcare Mgmt   Bachelors (BBA) - Human Resources
   Bachelors (BBA) - Management   Bachelors (BBA) - Marketing
   Bachelors (BBA) - Accounting/Finance   Bachelors in Information Technology
Find out more about AIU Online
Colorado Technical University Online Colorado Technical University Online

   Bachelor's - Criminal Justice   Bachelor's - Human Resource Mgmt.
   Bachelor's - Information Technology   Bachelor's - Marketing
   Bachelor's - Management
Find out more about Colorado Technical University Online
DeVry University DeVry University

   Bachelor's in Business Administration   Bachelor's Computer IS
   Bachelor's in Information Technology   Bachelor's in Technical Mgmt
Find out more about DeVry University
FMU Online FMU Online

   Bachelors in Business Administration   Bachelors in Accounting
   B.S. in Computer Information Science   B.S. in Criminal Justice
Find out more about FMU Online
Keiser College Keiser College

   B.A. in Business Administration   B.S. in Information Systems Mgmt
   Bachelors in Criminal Justice
Find out more about Keiser College
Art Institute Online Art Institute Online

   B.S. in Advertising   B.S. in Culinary Management
   B.S. Game Art & Design   B.S. Graphic Design
   B.S. in Interior Design   B.S. Multimedia & Web Design
Find out more about Art Institute Online
Westwood College Online Westwood College Online

   B.S. in Web Design/Multimedia   B.S. in Business Administration
   B.S. in Criminal Justice   B.S. in E-Business Management
   B.S. in Computer Network Mgmt.   B.S. in Game Software Dev.
   B.S. in Information Systems Security   B.S. in Animation
   B.S. in Visual COmmunications
Find out more about Westwood College Online
ITT Technical Institute ITT Technical Institute

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