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The online masters degree is designed for aspiring career professionals who are trying to fit an advance degree program into their schedule without putting the career or personal life on hold.
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Earning A Masters Degree Online

The master's degree is achieved after you earn a specified number of credits according to the requirements of a college or university degree program. In the United States the number of credits usually represents 1 to 2 years of full-time college or university study that are completed after a student has already earned his or her bachelor's degree.

Kennedy Western University Kennedy-Western University

   M.S. in Business Administration   M.S. in Executive Business Admin.
   M.S. in Health Administration   M.S. in Computer Science
   M.S. in Environmental Engineering   M.S. in Safety Engineering
   M.S. in Quality Control   M.S. in Executive Business Admin.
   M.S. in Quality Control   M.S. in General Engineering
   M.S. in Engineering Management   M.S. in Information Systems Mgmt.
   M.S. in Engineering Management   M.S. in Technology Management
   M.S. in Human Resource Management
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University of Phoenix Online University of Phoenix Online

   Masters in Education/Secondary Lic.   Masters Management International
   Masters in Education/Administration   Masters in Education/Distance
   Masters in Education Instruction   Masters in Education Technology
   Masters in Early Childhood Education   Masters in Education/Elementary Lic.
   Masters in Education/Secondary Lic.   Masters in Organizational Management
   M.S. in Information Systems   M.S. in Nursing
   M.S in Nursing/MBA Healthcare Mgmt.   Masters in Health Administration
   Masters of Business Administration   MBA/Accounting
   MBA/e-Business   MBA/Global Management
   MBA/Health Care Management   MBA/Human Resource Management
   MBA/Marketing   MBA/Technology Management
Find out more about University of Phoenix Online
Walden University Walden University

   Master's of Business Administration   Master's of Public Administration
   Master's of Education   Master's in Nursing
   Master's in Psychology   Master's in Public Health
Find out more about Walden University
ACCIS Online ACCIS Online

   M.S. Computer Science   M.S. Information Systems
Find out more about ACCIS Online
AIU Online AIU Online

   Masters in Information Systems   Masters in Education
   MBA - Human Resources   MBA - Management
   MBA - Marketing   MBA - Accounting & Finance
   MBA - Healthcare Management
Find out more about AIU Online
Colorado Technical University Online Colorado Technical University Online

   Master's - Business Management   Master's - Project Management
   Master's - IS Security   Master's - IT Management
   Executive MBA
Find out more about Colorado Technical University Online
DeVry University DeVry University

   Master's-Project Management   Master's-Accounting & Financial Mgmt
   Master's-Accounting & Finance-CFA   Master's-Accounting & Finance-CMA
   Master's-Accounting & Finance-CPA   Master's-Business Administration
   Master's-Human Resource Mgmt   Master's-Information Systems Mgmt
   Master's-Public Administration
   Master's-Telecommunications Mgmt
Find out more about DeVry University
FMU Online FMU Online

   Masters in Criminal Justice   Master's of Business Administration
Find out more about FMU Online
Jones International University Jones International University

   MBA in IT Management   MBA in Project Management
   MBA in Entrepreneurship   MBA in Health Care Management
   MBA in Negotiation/Confict Mgmt   MBA in Finance
   MBA in Global Enterprise Mgmt   M.A. in Business Communication
Find out more about Jones International University
Regis University Regis University

   Executive MBA   MBA in Health Care Management
Find out more about Regis University
ITT Technical Institute ITT Technical Institute

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