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Master in Computer Information Systems

The University of Phoenix Online offers the Master of Science in Computer Information Systems for those who wish to improve their technical knowledge and skills, enabling them to keep up-to-date with the ongoing computer revolution. The precise and continually evolving nature of information technology makes it pertinent for organizations to attract and retain employees who have the most current and advanced tools at their disposal.

The topics covered in this major are a comprehensive spectrum that range from configuration management and ISO 9000 to fair-use practices and outsourcing. You will learn how to get desired outcomes in a variety of CIS environments: mainframe/legacy systems, PC's and workstations, Intranets and the Internet, as well as LANs and WANs. You will also be instructed on how technology influences communication, the legal and ethical issues confronting information managers, successful project and programming management, and all aspects of information technology security.

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