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University of Phoenix Online MBA in Accounting

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Master of Business Administration (MBA) / Accounting

The Master of Business Administration in Accounting program is designed for students who wish to develop or enhance their financial management skills to better function effectively within private businesses, non-profit organizations, and public agencies. The program focuses on managing human and fiscal resources within the structure, culture, and mission of any organization. Courses covered in the curriculum include: advanced costing techniques, accounting theory, conflict management, accounting information systems, issues in corporate taxation, information management, executive management, budgeting, organizational development, strategic planning, human resources management, and decision making, among other subjects.

The structure of the program includes five main objectives: 1. To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the management and leadership skills necessary to achieve organizational goals; 2. To prepare students to be sensitive to and respond to the implications of change on organizational stakeholders, e.g., employees, vendors, consumers, and society; 3. To educate students about the impact technology has on every facet of an organization, and how change is created by technology; 4. To help students function as financial consultants and internal change agents to inspire organizational leadership to become more productive; and, 5. To prepare students to manage human and financial resources efficiently, effectively, ethically, and with environment.

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