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Master of Management International

The Master of Management International is extended exclusively to individuals living outside of the United States of America.

This degree is designed to prepare students with a broad understanding of international business management practices. The program also helps students acquire the tools needed to navigate, make management decisions, and thrive in the private or public sector.

The Masteter of Management International degree helps students acquire latest tools and skills needed to have successful business operations in a global marketplace and multi-cultural environments. Student wills study key strategies for minimizing risk, maximizing profit, capitalizing on opportunities, and maintaining a competitive edge within a global framework. Students will learn strategies for accommodating a diversity of cultures, customers, competitors, and legal considerations.

The MMI major combines theory, principles and application throughout the program, and reinforces key learning concepts through several internationally designed simulation based cases. The result is a powerful learning model that will prepare you for the challenges of operating in a diverse global environment. The MMI degree is a perfect major for individuals with business and public-sector backgrounds.

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